Sweetwater Board of Education Regular Meeting
April 12, 2017 6:00 PM
Sweetwater School Library
11107 N. Hwy 30
Sweetwater, Ok 73666

1. Call to Order and Roll Call.

2. Discussion of possible Board reorganization.

3. Possible motion and vote to reorganize the Sweetwater School Board.

4. Vote to approve minutes of Regular Board of Education meeting of March 9, 2017.

5. Public presentations of anyone requesting to be on the Agenda.

6. Motion to approve School Insurance quote from Okla. Schools Risk Management Trust.

7. Financial Report: A. Status of Accounts 1. General Fund 2. Building Fund 3. Child Nutrition Fund 4. Sinking Fund 5. Student Activity Account

8. Motion to approve General Fund Encumbrances and Change Orders.

9. Discussion of claims and a motion to approve General Fund warrants for March operating expenses and April payroll.

10. Motion to approve Building Fund Encumbrances.

11. Discussion of claims and a motion to approve Building Fund warrants for March expenses.

12. Motion to approve Child Nutrition Fund Encumbrances.

13. Discussion of claims and a motion to approve Child Nutrition Fund warrants for March expenses.

14. Motion to approve Activity Fund Purchases through April 12, 2017.

15. Motion to approve modification on Board of Education Meetings and Notification procedures policy.

16. Motion to approve the summer staff development Technology workshop and trip.

17. Motion to approve Street Drug Collections and Consortium for FY2017-2018.

18. Motion to transfer $300.00 from Graduated Seniors account to the benevolence fund-Sweetwater Staff account.

19. Motion to transfer $923.49 from Class of 2018 to the Class of 2017.

20. Possible executive session to discuss renewal of full time Support Personnel contracts of Sweetwater School District I-0015 for FY 2017-18. 25 O.S.307 (B) (1)

21. Vote to convene to Executive Session/

22. Executive Session.

23. Motion to return to Open Session.

24. Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement.

25. Motion to (renew/not renew/table) the contracts of the following full time Support Personnel of Sweetwater School District I-015 for FY 2017-18. Phyllis Abernathy,Wanda Alexander, Linda Cox, Jimi Coats, Sarah Grant,Terra Gregory, Angie Hayen, Michael Johnson, Joy Mayfield.

26. Principal's Report.

27. Superintendent's Report.

28. Motion and vote to adjourn the April 12, 2017 Regular Board of Education.

Posted: 4-10-17 at 9:30 A.M.at the Sweetwater School 11107 N. Hwy 30, Sweetwater, OK 73666 by Phyllis Abernathy